Regulatory Pressures in the Energy Sector

The energy industry is facing ever-increasing regulatory pressures on treated water discharges, requiring advanced treatment technologies and innovations to minimize impacts to the environment.

Large volumes of water used in refining or contaminated in the drilling process face challenging treatment requirements.

BioprocessH2O, PECOFacet and Purolator Facet provide innovation solutions to the challenge of water treatment in the energy sector.


Facet API Retrofit Kits
Facet Concrete Construction Oil/Water Separators
Facet Steel Construction Oil/Water Separators
PECO Mercury Removal
PECO Hydraulic Fracturing and Produced Water
PECOFacet Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filtration
PECO Process Water

Purolator Facet
Water Injection Filtration
Reactor Water Filtration