Process Water for the Petroleum Refining and Petro-Chemical Industry

Walk through a petroleum refinery or petro-chemical plant today and you will find PECOFacet filtration equipment that has been installed and working for decades. That is the PECOFacet legacy in this industry.

Today’s industry is much different with environmental, government and regulatory standards abounding. Upgraded process units are much more sensitive to contamination.

Not addressing contamination issues leads to severe consequences resulting in safety, compliance and operational gridlock. Just like in the old days, PECOFacet engineers and designers converge on these issues and bring new and unique solutions to the industry.

These products are designed for ease of operation, severe loading and process variation and are built to stand the test of time, continuing the PECOFacet legacy.

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Facet API Retrofit Kits
Facet Concrete Construction Oil/Water Separators
Facet Steel Construction Oil/Water Separators
PECO Mercury Removal
PECO Hydraulic Fracturing and Produced Water
PECOFacet Reverse Osmosis Pre-Filtration
PECO Process Water

Purolator Facet
Water Injection Filtration
Reactor Water Filtration