Marine Bilge Water Separators

Facet has been at the forefront of oil/water separation of bilge water since 1978, complying with the International Maritime Organization and Coast Guard resolutions.

Bilge water from new-generation ships, including ferries, cruises and military ships, contains hydrocarbon components that pose additional challenges for separation.

CPS B MK III + EMB/EBM equipment removes hydrocarbons in two stages. In the first stage, free hydrocarbon is separated from water through Facet's patented coalescent plate packs. In the second stage, emulsions are broken by a membrane which removes emulsified hydrocarbon, resulting in effluent with total hydrocarbon content of less than 5 ppm.

Facet International's CPS B MK III + EMB/EBM has been tested, approved and certified according to the requirements of IMO MEPC.107(49).

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