Treatment Solutions for Solid Waste Industry

BioprocessH2O offers companies in the solid waste industry cost effective and compact wastewater treatment solutions to meet the growing challenges of leachate handling, including water discharge limitations.

As landfills age and the ammonia levels in the leachate increase, it has become more and more difficult to treat wastewater efficiently to discharge levels. As regulations get stricter regarding ground and surface water contamination, landfills have a greater need for cost effective treatment alternatives.

BioprocessH2O provides modular treatment systems that operate with a single pass to supply landfills with an effective treatment solution for both BOD and ammonia reduction with minimal operator attention.

BioprocessH2O's bioFAS™ Looped Chord Media and bioFAS™ Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) media systems provide a flexible suite of powerful solutions to the challenges facing landfill's treatment of leachate.

Technology Applications

  • bioFAS™ LCM
  • bioFAS™ MBBR

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